Mooney M20C - Winter Insulated Engine Cover

Mooney M20C Winter Insulated Engine Cover's outer-shell is made from polyester instead of nylon, adding up to 2 years of life to your cover. Kennon makes its own engine blanket material, which is not quilted. Quilting destroys the loft and puts thousands of needle holes in the blanket where heat can escape.

The inner-shell is fluorescent orange for signaling.

Experts often pick Kennon Covers.

"Our top pick was the Kennon cover. The Kennon fits snugly and, in our view, would hang on in all but the most severe gale." - Aviation Consumer, Feb. 1997

If you need vents or an oil door, we can add them. We specialize in Twin Engine Covers for a nominal charge.

If you would like an oil door, please click here to fill out the measurement form.

 "I purchased an engine cover from you a few years back and use it every day in the winter months. You guys do good work." - Carl Rydeen

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