Mooney M20C - Cabin Cover

Mooney M20C Cabin Cover extends over the windshield and covers all windows. Two bungees (fore and aft) hold the cover in place and a bungee underneath the tail keeps the cover snug. Wind cannot blow sand and dirt between the cover and the windshield.

Kennon combines its acclaimed aircraft cover design with the most durable, breathable, covering fabric on the market today. It is six times more durable than acrylic canvas covers. The underside is completely lined with Anit-Grit, which helps reduce static and prevent scratching.

The cover is sewn with Tenara sewing thread that will outlast the fabric. That is why Kennon can offer a full 5 year Limited Warranty on its WeatherMax covers.

Available in light silver, to reflect the heat, with your choice of trim colors. Registration number is embroidered onto the cover.  

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"I really like my aircraft cover. I use my aircraft to commute to work so I put my cover on my Mooney each day. Good quality and fits great. You guys do good work." - Carl Rydeen

Mooney M20C - Cabin Cover
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